What is Durasteel?

If you’re investing in fire protection, you want to know that the material you’re using is the very best. That’s why Wallace Fire Protection Ltd works with DURASTEEL® Barrier systems. As one of just 6 licensed and approved installers of Promat DURASTEEL® in the UK, we are able to provide passive fire protection systems that provide a guaranteed 4 hour fire integrity and insulation.

What is Durasteel Made Of?

“Durasteel is a 9.5mm thick composite panel fire protection board, comprised of a fibre-reinforced cement core mechanically bonded to punched steel sheets on both outer surfaces. It is classed as ‘non combustible’ to BS 476: Part 4: 1970 and to Clause 10 of EN 13501-1: 2002, and is both highly impact and moisture resistant”

What’s important for clients to know is that Durasteel has undergone rigorous testing across the globe. As a result it is now considered the industry benchmark for fire protection products. It can be relied upon to offer a specified period of time during which safe evacuation can take place. For 240 minutes the fire, smoke and damaging fumes will be contained, allowing firefighters to access the blaze.

Durasteel is Easy to Work With

Durasteel provides construction teams with a system that is light, slim and requires no specialist foundation. The panels can be pre-fabricated off site, and then transported for installation. Retro-fitting is entirely feasible as a result of its dry installation methodology. There is no need for a site shut down in order to install panels, and they can be lifted into place quickly and efficiently, minimising the risk of delays.

Locations Where Durasteel is Currently Used

Durasteel is fire and impact resistant. It provides acoustic insulation and, due to its imperviousness to weather conditions, can be installed internally, or externally. This unique material is, therefore, an ideal application for industrial environments. These include metro and rail infrastructure, and military installations. Other environments where it is of particular value are petrochemical facilities and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Wallace have designed and installed Durasteel fire protection systems for a number of high risk industrial environments, such as nuclear power stations.

Durasteel Products Installed by Wallace

Wallace Fire Protection Ltd currently utilises Promat DURASTEEL® in the following ways:

  • Compartment or high impact walls
  • Blast resistant walls or ceilings
  • Fire Barriers
  • Fire/security rated doorsets

The combination of these materials allows us to create bespoke vertical and horizontal fire partitions. The role of the partition is to provide comprehensive compartmentalisation. This stops the fire, smoke and fumes from spreading. Each partition plays its part in providing the integrity of the whole.

About Wallace Fire Protection Ltd

We are a specialist contractor, an experienced installer and designer of passive fire protection systems, and a leading UK designer an installer of firestopping solutions in high risk environments. These include power stations and nuclear facilities. In this context the requirements are at their most stringent, and compartmentation has to be able to withstand severe fire conditions.

Wallace is a licensed and approved installer of Promat DURASTEEL® for commercial, industrial, power and infrastructure sectors. For bespoke fire protection call 01908 109045