Design Principles For Passive Fire Protection

Wallace designs and installs bespoke passive fire protection systems for businesses, construction, utilities and power generation. In every case our goal is to delay the spread of fire long enough to allow for the safe evacuation of the building, and for the fire services to attend. The way we do this is by keeping the fire contained within smoke and fire-resistant compartments.

This larger goal is guided by a set of principles which are applied in any design process. These will always be balanced with active fire protection systems and will include:

  • The use of fire barriers which resist flames and insulate against heat
  • Compartmentalisation to stop the spread of fire
  • Protection against the collapse of the structure
  • Minimisation of the spread of smoke
  • Reducing the risk of damage to adjacent buildings
  • Ensuring access for fire services
  • Consideration of risks caused by water damage