Wallace Installs Promat DURASTEEL® Blast Protection

In the vast majority of UK buildings, passive fire protection is sufficient to contain fire, and allow for safe evacuation. There are, however, a number of facilities that require additional blast protection. These are premises which house combustible fuels or materials, or provide the location for high voltage power transformers. These require Promat DURASTEEL® blast protection to protect the building, employees and infrastructure from unintentional explosions.

Wallace Specialises in Blast Protection

We are one of 6 registered and approved installers of Promat DURASTEEL®. We specialise, therefore, in providing fire and blast protection for high risk environments, such as transformer substations and landlord distribution systems in refurbishment, or commercial development projects.

Over the past few years we’ve worked on the Aldwych Tunnel, Kings Gate, and the Shard. We also regularly design and install blast protection for power stations, petrochemical facilities, warehouses and fuel storage depots.

What is Promat DURASTEEL® Blast Protection?

Durasteel blast walls and barriers are able to absorb the impact and energy of a blast, and they can resist the extreme heat associated with explosions. These qualities make them the first choice for protecting employees, buildings and infrastructure. Additionally, they mitigate against the hazardous effects of smoke and fumes which can be as dangerous as the blast itself.

The blast protection system created by Durasteel is non-combustible and it can withstand firefighters’ hose steams, even after an explosion and subsequent fire. The Durasteel systems we install are tested up to H120 fire rating post-blast.

Promat DURASTEEL® Ceilings as Part of a Blast Protection System

In addition to blast walls and barriers, Durasteel blast ceilings are resistant to fire and the impact of explosions. Typically, Durasteel boards will be secured to a steel channel framework, and then suspended from the slab above, or fixed to the walls. Where the heat radiation needs to be limited, it’s possible to add insulation behind the boards.

Durasteel blast ceilings are resistant to high pressure hoses and can provide up to 240 minutes of blast resistance.

Working With Wallace Fire Protection

From the commencement of a fire safety/blast protection project, right through to handover, the Wallace team is committed to providing guidance and technical expertise. We can offer industry-specific advice as to the design of your passive fire protection, and our team brings years of experience working in a broad range of high risk environments.

As licensed and approved Promat DURASTEEL® installers, our clients are guaranteed a blast protection system which which will fulfil its intended role. Each system we install is thoroughly checked prior to being issued with its Certificate of Conformity. Our site personnel are fully trained and hold certifications for Substation Entry and Confined Spaces, BESC and Persons.

Would you like to talk to one of our passive fire protection specialists about Promat DURASTEEL® blast protection? Call us today on 01908 109045