Case Study – GSK Irvine, Fendolite Application

Wallace recently installed VICUCLAD® fire protection board in the Decanter Hall at GlaxoSmithKline’s Irvine plant in Ayreshire. Following on from this work, we were asked to provide fire protection for Process Vessels located in the Decanter Hall.

A Process Vessel is used an a range of industries where there’s a need to manage pressure and temperature. Their uses include storage, chemical change, holding heat or agitation. In this instance the Decanter Hall vessels required fire protection against the outbreak of a fully developed hydrocarbon pool fire for a period of 120 minutes.

PROMAT FENDOLITE M11/TG Fire Protection System

This high density cementitious spray provides excellent fire protection. It can protect a structure against the effects of a hydrocarbon pool fire for up to 240 minutes. The density of the spray ensures a high bond strength which ensures effective bonding with the substrate and an unequalled protection for steel vessels. The Irvine application was 40mm thickness to meet the 120 minute hydrocarbon pool fire rating.

Applying FENDOLITE at GSK Irvine

The Irvine site comprises a pharmaceutical manufacturing complex. This working environment presents specific challenges requiring adaptation of working methodology. Our 3 man team, with a working supervisor of trained installers, were required to use handheld tools only as power tools are forbidden in this process area.

The Wallace team worked from the ground and mezzanine levels, using a fixed tube and fitting scaffold, mobile elevating work platforms (mewps) and mobile towers in order to complete the FENDOLITE M11/TG application.

About Wallace Fire Protection Ltd

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