Professional Fire Protection Services

Building owners and managers are required by Fire Safety Legislation to assume responsibility for fire safety on their premises. This includes carrying out regular risk assessments on both active and passive fire protection installed within the building. Active fire protection includes fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems (requiring active intervention for use), whilst passive fire protection will be integrated into the structure of the building.

The function of passive fire protection is to contain and manage the spread of fire, smoke or toxic fumes in order to allow for an orderly evacuation of the building, and the arrival of emergency services. The design and installation of passive fire protection materials requires specialist contractors with a proven track record in the field. This is because all premises offer specific challenges which need to be factored into effective fire protection.

Wallace Provide Promat Fire Protection

Wallace Ltd is a specialist contractor in the provision of passive fire protection for construction companies, power generation, infrastructure projects and utilities. We are one of only five licensed and approved installers of Promat DURASTEEL®. This means that we’ve been able to offer first-class fire and blast protection systems to clients such as UKPN, EDF Energy and J Murphy & Son.

Promat DURASTEEL® comprises panels of fibre reinforced cement which is mechanically bonded to punched steel sheets on its outer surfaces. This non-combustible fire protection solution is strong and durable, and will continue to work even in the aftermath of a fire, due to its resistance to firefighters’ hoses.

Professional Fire Protection Services

The range of professional services we offer are designed to provide comprehensive passive fire protection for our clients. We offer bespoke design to ensure high quality, effective solutions for commercial and industrial environments, including those designated as ‘high risk’. The range of Wallace services include:

  • Compartmentation. Partitioning of your premises is key to the effective management of fire. Wallace engineers provide professional compartmentation design and Promat DURASTEEL® compartment walls, barriers and ceilings.
  • Fire Stopping. Ingress of water, smoke or gas can occur in small wall openings occurring around cables, ducts or pipework. Wallace offers fire stopping solutions which ensure that partitions are secure from ingress.
  • Structural Protection. Steel structures are increasingly popular, but need carefully designed fire protection. This is because steel can buckle in extreme temperatures. We use intumescent coatings which guarantee the structural integrity of the steelwork for a specified period of time.
  • Fire Doors & Emergency Exits. Any aperture in a building increases the risk of fire or smoke spreading. Wallace supplies and installs fire-rated doorsets which ensure the containment of fire throughout the evacuation process.

Working With Wallace

Our team of design and installation engineers provides comprehensive passive fire protection solutions that are bespoke to the unique challenges of the industrial/commercial environment. This means offering protection against jet, or hydrocarbon fires, blasts, or the dispersal of toxic gas or fumes in specialist, high risk facilities.

Wallace is one of 5 licensed installers of Promat DURASTEEL® in the UK. We offer a comprehensive range of fire protection services – 01908 109045