Wallace provides a comprehensive bespoke fire protection service in Cardiff. We are a specialist contractor and one of 5 approved Promat DURASTEEL® installers in the UK

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Bespoke Fire Protection Solutions in Cardiff

Passive fire protection (PFP) materials are integrated into structural building design. For this reason they are inert and invisible under normal conditions. Should a fire break out, however, PFP does its job of slowing down the spread of the fire and protecting the structural integrity of the building. For up to 4 hours PFP offers safe evacuation for building occupants and access for the fire services.
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Fire Protection Design and Installation

The Wallace specialist team of designers and installers create bespoke fire protection solutions for clients across the Cardiff region. These include:
  • DURASTEEL® blast resistance panels providing protection for evacuation routes
  • DURASTEEL® fire protection for walls, ceilings and floors
  • Fire Stopping solutions to stop the ingress of smoke and toxic fumes
  • Intumescent Paints protecting structural and non-structural steelwork
  • Fire rated doors and doorsets

Wallace Fire Protection Ltd is a licensed and approved installer of Promat DURASTEEL®.

We are one of only 5 UK suppliers and installers of Promat DURASTEEL® barrier systems, and other Promat DURASTEEL® fire rated applications for specialist use in industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical, infrastructure and nuclear sectors.

If you would like to know more about Promat DURASTEEL® products, and the range of Passive Fire Protection services we provide in Cardiff, call our specialist team on 01908 109045


Fire Protection Barriers, Walls, Ceilings, Tunnels & Ductwork

Wallace is a leading provider of bespoke fire protection solutions to clients in Cardiff. We work with a range of sectors including: industry, pharmaceuticals, retail, and critical infrastructure. Our passive fire protection designs are tailored to sector specific risks.


The Wallace team is made up of experienced PFP designers and installers who provide a comprehensive service to Cardiff clients. From scoping, through design, manufacture and installation we offer a second-to-none, totally seamless process and product.

Firestopping Specialists in Cardiff

Firestopping describes the practice of sealing up any gaps or openings in walls or barriers. Holes created for pipes, cabling or ductwork can compromise the benefits of compartmentalisation by allowing the ingress of smoke or gas into the other parts of the building. All compartments should be sealed containers for the purposes of firestopping.
Wallace is a trusted provider of firestopping and passive fire protection, especially in high risk environments such as power stations, pharma labs, and critical infrastructure. Our expertise resides in the creation of PFP which protects against jet, or hydrocarbon fires, and creates provision for gas tightness and relative movement.
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To discover more about Promat DURASTEEL® Fire Protection in Cardiff,

contact one of the Wallace Fire Protection team today on 01908 109045, or send us a message.