DURASTEEL® Fire Protection

In a world where fire is always a significant risk to business and industry, the management of that risk is of prime importance. It’s impossible to eliminate the risk of fire completely, but fire protection design and installation can significantly reduce the risk to life, buildings and critical functions. Wallace Fire Protection Ltd  is committed to providing DURASTEEL® to UK utilities, construction, pharmaceuticals and nuclear power generation.

What is Fire Protection?

Fire protection is the application of mitigating systems to buildings and premises that could be destroyed by the effects of fire or blast. The aim of fire protection is to provide a guaranteed period of fire resistance to allow for safe evacuation of the premises, and to maintain the structural integrity of the building. This requires the compartmentation of the building to ensure that the spread of fire is impeded.

How is Fire Protection Achieved?

A fire protection installation will combine compartmentation of the building, with the application of high quality fire protection barriers to floors, walls and ceilings. Structural and non-structural steelwork which is vulnerable in high temperatures, is protected using intumescent paints. Any ductwork, cable or utility gaps are sealed to prevent smoke, water or gas ingress.

What Materials are Used in Fire Protection?

Wallace Fire Protection is a licensed installer of Promat DURASTEEL® within high-risk commercial, industrial, nuclear power and infrastructure Sectors. DURASTEEL® is an industry leader when it comes to fire barriers, compartment and high impact walls, blast resistant ceilings and walls, and fire rated doorsets.

DURASTEEL® is classed as ‘non combustible’ to BS 476:Part 4:1970 and to Clause 10 of EN 13501-1:2002 and is compliant with UK and international fire standards. It provides up to four hours of blast and fire resistance. This is due to a composite design made up of fibre reinforced cement which is mechanically bonded to steel sheets on both sides.

DURASTEEL® Fire Protection for a Range of Sectors

Wallace provides bespoke fire protection design and installation to a range of sectors, utilising Promat DURASTEEL® products:

  • Commercial Sector. Fire damage in commercial buildings can threaten jobs, public services and the environment. Promat DURASTEEL® fire protection is designed to maintain the building and its contents, and provide a safe period of evacuation.
  • Industrial Sector. The safety of personnel, plant, and stores is paramount when designing fire protection for warehouses, storage facilities and factories. DURASTEEL® reinforced compartments ensures that employees, stock, and equipment is protected.
  • Transport Sector. The event of fire in transport terminals, airports or road tunnels can have devastating consequences if insufficiently fire protected. Lightweight and robust Promat DURASTEEL® offers protection to staff, and passengers – crucially limiting the risk to life.
  • Power Sector. Wallace has extensive experience in designing fire protection for high risk environments such as power stations, sub-stations and offshore platforms. Promat DURASTEEL® barriers protect against catastrophic damage in the event of power transformer blasts.

Working With Wallace Fire Protection Ltd

We take great pride in the quality of our designs and installations, but also in the commitment of our fire protection specialists to quality and responsiveness, throughout the process. We have an excellent health and safety record and our engineers are trained in the use of all site plant and equipment.

Wallace is a licensed and approved installer of Promat DURASTEEL® for commercial, industrial, power and infrastructure sectors. For bespoke fire protection call 01908 109045