Wallace Fire Protection are the leading provider of passive fire protection systems in the United Kingdom

We specialise in designing innovative, robust, cost-effective and reliable fire protection systems for a wide variety of operating environments including factories, power generation facilities, petrochemical plants, construction sites and warehouses.

Wallace Fire Protection specialise in installing fire protection solutions that conform to independent third party verification and certification schemes. Our experience designing and installing certified fire protection solutions for power generation facilities made us an ideal choice for Heysham Nuclear Power Station. Here is a case study of a recent refurbishment at the facility.

Heysham Nuclear Power Station

This nuclear power facility consists of two separately-managed stations — Heysham 1 and Heysham 2, both operating with advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR) technology, each station has two nuclear reactors in operation.

Heysham 1 was commissioned in 1989 and generates 1155 Megawatts while Heysham 2 was commissioned in 1988 and generates 1230 Megawatts. This facility is owned and operated by EDF Energy.

The installation involved the use of Promat DURASTEEL® non-combustible panels to reinforce safety-critical fire barriers in the facility. DURASTEEL® panels are high-impact, fire and blast resistant panels that can be used on composite barriers, doors, ductwork and ceilings.

We chose DURASTEEL® because of its lightness, strength and incredible durability. These panels can resist high thermal shock and high pressure which makes them ideal for a mission-critical facility like a nuclear power station.

The high-performance DURASTEEL® panels were used as part of a refurbishment on a pair of hot gas release doors at the Heysham 1 site. Wallace Fire Protection are licensed installers of Promat DURASTEEL® and have years of experiencing working with these panels.
The hot gas release doors are 4-metres high and lead into the reactor basement area. These doors are designed to seal when shut, preventing gas and heat from escaping. The doors were already clad with Promat DURASTEEL®, but were due for a refurbishment after more than 20-years of service.

Dunbar Wallace technicians had a short time window in which to remove the old panels and install 9.5mm-thick DURASTEEL® panels. These new panels can provide up to 240 minutes of fire protection, are shock resistant and can handle drastic changes in temperature. The DURASTEEL® panels were added to the original steel frames, which have also been fully refurbished. A galvanised steel channel lipping was added to finish off the edge of the DURASTEEL® panels.

Dunbar Wallace are professionally trained and licensed installers of the Promat DURASTEEL® system. The panels are extremely durable, featuring a fibre-reinforced cement core which is mechanically attached to punched steel sheets. These panels can last for decades and provide extreme fire, blast, heat and physical impact resistance.

The DURASTEEL® system has been widely used in a variety of industries including nuclear power plants, petrochemical facilities, rail and metro projects, military developments, commercial installations and pharmaceutical plants.

Why Choose Dunbar Wallace for Your Fire Protection Requirements?

Wallace Fire Protection are committed to providing customers with a world-class fire protection design and installation service. We focus on providing innovative fire protection solutions of the highest possible quality while remaining cost-effective.

We are extremely proud of our excellent health and safety record. All site personnel are comprehensively trained in the use of installation equipment and materials. All Wallace Fire ProtectionL operatives hold industry relevant certificates including Persons, BESC, Substation Entry and Confined Spaces.

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