Cementitious Fireproofing Materials

When Wallace design specialists develop a bespoke fire protection system for a building, they are guided by three clear aims:

  • Preventing the spread of fire to allow for evacuation
  • Allowing fire services access to the fire
  • Protecting the structural integrity of the building

The ability of the structural foundations to withstand a blast, or fire, is critical both to the safety of people inside, and to the long-term prospects of the building once the fire is quelled.

Fireproofing Steel Structures

Fireproofing materials protect steel structures from reaching critical failure temperatures in the event of a fire. When steel heats to temperatures around 550 – 620°C it buckles, or bends and is at high risk of collapse.

Cementitious coatings are an effective fireproofing system for buildings with steel structures. This is a relatively inexpensive approach, using a material which is easy to apply as a spray or trowel roller. Crucially, cementitious coating is resistant to high temperatures.

Wallace Uses Promat Fendolite Fireproofing

Wallace Fire Protection is an experienced installer of Fendolite Cementitious Fireproofing materials from Promat. Ever since the 1970s Fendolite has been recognised as a world leader when it comes to protecting steel and concrete structures in high risk environments such as refineries, power plants, chemical and petrochemical facilities and gas processing plants. This is because it offers protection against the most severe fires such as jet fires, or hydocarbon pool fires.

Case Study – Fendolite Application at Irvine Plant

We were asked to install fire protection for GlaxoSmithKline’s Irvine Plant in Ayreshire. Our installers used Fendolite M11/TG Fire Protection System to protect the Process Vessels in the Decanter Hall at the plant. Our application was 40mm thickness, ensuring high bond strength, effective bonding, and excellent protection for the steel vessels. Our installation meets the 120 minute hydrocarbon pool fire rating.

The Benefits of Using Fendolite Cementitious Spray

The cementitious spray has its origins in the dense concrete that was used up until the mid-twentieth century for fireproofing buildings. The spray has improved the technology by making the material lighter, and easier to apply, whilst still achieving the same effect. Fendolite was one of the earliest proponents of the inexpensive spray coating, and has developed an impressive expertise over the past 50 years.

The major benefits their cementitious sprays offer are:

  • Tried and tested for use in all climactic conditions
  • Consistently excellent results in industry standard fire tests
  • Lightweight materials, and high quality Promat application
  • Technical support and specification at a global level
  • Will withstand jetfire, hydrocarbon and cellulosic fire for up to 240 minutes

About Wallace Fire Protection Ltd

Wallace designs and installs fireproofing for a range of organisations and industries across the UK. We specialise in fire protection for high risk environments such as nuclear facilities, power stations, transformer substations, hospitals and warehousing facilities. Wallace takes pride in being a licensed and approved Promat DURASTEEL® installer.

Wallace applies cementitious fireproofing materials to protect steel structures from buckling or failing. We’re a licensed Promat DURASTEEL® installer – 01908 109045