Case Study – GSK Irvine, VICUCLAD® Installation

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) opened its Scottish manufacturing plant in Irvine, Ayreshire nearly 50 years ago. It’s one of two plants located in Scotland and, between them, they have 800 employees. The Irvine plant produces the active ingredients which are use in GSK antibiotics. Around 2,500 tons of these are manufactured each year. That’s enough to provide 700 million people globally with an average course of antibiotics.

Over the past 5 years GSK has invested in a range of improvements across the site at Irvine. One of the goals of these improvements has been securing energy in an environmentally responsible way. Two wind turbines, a combined heat and power plant, and the introduction of biogas have played a key role in realising these aims.

Wallace Installs VICUCLAD Fire Protection Board

Our client, the Wood Group delivers effective solutions to industrial clients across the UK. The GSK project required the installation of VICUCLAD® fire protection board to the structural steelwork beams and columns in the Irvine Decanter Hall, located in the process building. There were two elements to the job. First we were installing passive fire protection for new steelwork. Second, we were replacing damaged VICUCLAD following historic maintenance and a recent shutdown.

Wallace Provide Specialist Installation Teams

Our fire protection installation teams are used to adapting their work to specialist work environments. The installation of VICUCLAD non-combustible board in a pharmaceutical manufacturing complex required that we used hand tools only. The reason for this is that power tools are forbidden in the process area. Dust also had to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Our 3-man team cut the VICUCLAD boards in a designated steel storage unit outside the building. These were cut to a 25mm thickness to match existing boards. We installed them working from the ground and mezzanine level. Access was provided by the use of fixed tube and fitting scaffold, MEWPS (mobile elevating work platforms), and mobile towers.

About Wallace Fire Protection Ltd

We are a specialist fire protection contractor providing the design and installation of firestopping systems across the UK, often working in specialist industrial environments. We have installed passive fire protection in power stations, hospitals, nuclear facilities, warehousing facilities and transformer substations. We are adept at finding flexible ways to deliver our solutions, whatever the context. Once installed our solutions provide up to 240 minutes of fire resistance.