Wind Turbines
cable duct seal system

Before and After: Water Ingress Through Electrical Cable Ducts and Cable Duct Sealed  with Wallace Fire Protection CDS System.

Cable Duct

The Wallace Fire Protection Cable Duct Sealing System is a re-enterable multi-cable and fibre optic transit sealing system providing proven lifetime performance

The cost effective guaranteed solution to all gas and water tight sealing requirements ensuring asset protection in high risk environments. It consists of two components, Wallace Fire Protection insert sleeves, used to separate multi cables and form a backing, and a high quality silicone based fire- and water-repellent sealant layer.

  •  High levels of gas and water tightness
  • Seals ducts when there is running water
  • No frame required and can seal irregular shaped openings
  • Resistant against water, alkaline and other chemical agents
  • Resistant to hydrogen sulphide / methane and many other gases (NedLab)
  • Non corrosive
  • Shock absorbing
  • Non toxic, neutral and almost odourless
  • Complies with ATEX regulations
  • WIMES Compliant, (3.02 clause, d & e)
  • Seals all known materials, including PVC & PE sheathed cables, PILC & PE pipes
  • Suitable for renovations, can be installed retrospectively
  • Provides 50 years’ protection with no maintenance

The Wallace Fire Protection Cable Duct Sealing System

This system offers a flexible seal capable of resisting movement, vibrations and protecting against gas, fire and water ingress to high pressures in excess of 1.5 bar.

The later installation of additional cables is also a feature of the product and is simply a matter of coring into the rubber layer of the sealant and passing the additional cables through the opening created. The sealant is then applied around the new cable to re-seal.

Wallace Fire Protection offers a cable duct sealing system guarantee and is backed by a 24 hour call out repair service.

outside louvre weather protection cowls

Wallace Fire Protection Limited has developed a range of lightweight high performance louvre weather protection cowls

They can be attached to typical construction substrates either during the new-build phase or as a retro-fitted later addition.

The cowls are particularly suited for installation to substation buildings adjacent to wind turbines and can be fabricated to suit almost any size of opening.

They are especially suitable for use in locations exposed to harsh weather conditions

The wind resistance design of the cowl allows a steady flow of cooling air through diagonal slots at the top and release of warmed exhaust air through the large opening at the base. The cowls prevent the passage of rain and snow into the buildings via the ventilation openings in the external walls.

louvre weather protection cowlsThe cowls are made from galvanised steel which is fully coated with a halogen-free, low toxicity thermoplastic polymer alloy coating that has good resistance to impact and abrasion, as well as to detergents and salt-laden spray.
It is resistant to stress cracking, typical airborne pollutants and adverse weather conditions. The coating can be provided in standard RAL colours thereby permitting compliance with project aesthetic requirements.

The installed cowls require little maintenance other than periodic inspection and cleaning and will match the expected service life of the station.