Cable Duct Sealing is Key to Passive Fire Solutions

A passive fire solution doesn’t seek to stop a workplace blaze in its tracks, rather the goal is to contain the smoke and flames. This delivers two key benefits. First, it allows for an orderly evacuation from the building. Second, the structural integrity of the building is protected. Where buildings have passive fire protection installed, the recovery process, after a fire event, tends to be quicker, and less expensive.

Wallace Fire Protection designs passive fire protection systems for utilities, power generation, construction and high risk environments across the UK. Their solutions will normally incorporate a range of materials including:

Our aim, when designing a passive fire protection system, is to provide clients with a designated time frame during which the fire will be contained, evacuation can take place, and the structural and plant integrity is maintained.

Why is Cable Duct Sealing Important?

Passive fire protection seeks to stop fire travelling through a building. It does this by compartmentalising the structure. Fire barriers and blast resistant panels are strategically placed to stop the fire travelling. This allows for a predictable and controlled exit from the building. In order to achieve full protection, every opening in the walls of the building need to be sealed against smoke, flames, gas or water ingress.

A cable duct sealing system closes up the conduits or passages through which cables and fibre optics pass. This particular passive fire solution guarantees gas and watertight sealing requirements. It also protects the cables themselves from blast and fire. The cable duct sealing system is made up of two parts: sleeves which separate multiple cables and form a backing, and a silicone based fire and water repellent sealant.

Passive Fire Protection in High Risk Environments

Wallace has built a reputation for creating passive fire protection solutions in high risk environments. These include nuclear facilities where the requirements are obviously at their most stringent. It has to be able to withstand the most aggressive forms of fire and blast, therefore. The Wallace Fire Protection cable duct sealing system features:

  • A flexible seal which allows it to resist potential movement or vibrations created by a blast.
  • Gas and water tightness, up to pressures in excess of 1.5 bar.
  • Adaptability in the case of irregular shaped openings, because there is no need for a frame.
  • Resistance to chemical agents, alkaline and water.
  • Reliable resistance to gases including methane and hydrogen sulphide.
  • A shock absorbent seal thanks to its flexibility.
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic and virtually odourless materials.

The Wallace Fire Protection cable duct sealing system will provide your building with 50 years’ protection, once installed, and requires little or no maintenance during that period.

Dunbar Wallace Guarantees High Quality Fire Protection

We’re able to offer clients a comprehensive design and installation service from tender, right through to contract completion. We have extensive experience in the provision of passive fire protection systems, and our site personnel are highly trained professionals holding the relevant industry accreditations, including Persons, BESC, Substation Entry and Confined Spaces.

Looking for effective fire stopping installation? Wallace Fire Protection provides highly effective passive fire protection solutions for power generation, utilities and construction – 01908 109045