Industrial Fire Partitions

The role of industrial fire panels is to create an effective defence against the rapid spread of flames through the building. The installation of such panels has to be tailored to the contextual industrial environment. One of the major tasks when sub-dividing warehouse space into small units, for example, is to ensure that each of the partition walls provides the required level of resistance to fire.

All passive fire protection works in concert with active fire systems such as sprinklers, or fire alarms.  The aim of all fire protection systems is to provide stable conditions for an orderly evacuation, to allow for firefighter access, and to preserve the structural integrity of the building wherever possible.

Professional Installation of Industrial Fire Partitions

Wallace designs and installs passive fire protection systems for a range industrial complexes, from nuclear power stations to GlaxoSmithKlines’s Irvine Plant in AyreshireHere are the 5 key considerations we apply when we install industrial fire partitions:

1. Fire Rating

This is the period of time during which a partition can withstand exposure to fire. A fire rating can range from 30 minutes to 240 minutes and the duration required is dependent on the purpose of the building, insurance specifications and the building regulations. As a rule of thumb, a building with two storeys or less require a 60 minute firewall, whilst buildings with over 2 storeys need at least a 120 minute fire rating.

2. Passive Fire Protection System

Wallace Fire Protection Ltd fit Promat DURASTEEL® fire rated applications in industrial buildings. These comprise:

  1. Fire barriers
  2. Walls and ceilings providing blast resistance
  3. Compartment and high impact walls
  4. Fire and security rated door sets

3. Fire Partition Installation

Once the fire partition design is signed off, professional installation is required. This ensures that the partitioning complies with the building regulations. Once in place all openings in the partitioning wall will be sealed to stop the ingress of water, gas, or smoke, and intumescent materials will be utilised to protect the structural integrity of steelwork when exposed to high temperatures.

4. Installation Accreditation

Professional installers of passive fire protection systems will normally hold the following accreditations:

LPS 1500: Issue 2. This accreditation demonstrates full competency when installing compartmentation systems. It guarantees that full training has been undertaken and regular assessment is carried out. Upon completion of projects, companies holding this accreditation provide an LPS Certificate of Conformity.

LPS 1200: Issue 2. This certification confirms the fire resistance performance of the fire rated partition walls.

5. Fire Doors

In order to comply fully with the building regulations, industrial buildings are required to install fire rated door sets as part of their passive fire protection system. Fire doors must provide the same level of fire protection, guaranteeing an equivalent period of time as the partitioning.

Wallace Fire Protection is a Specialist Contractor

Wallace is an experienced designer and installer of Durasteel firestopping products, all of which slow down the spread of fire, or gases. We create bespoke solutions for industrial buildings and we have the in-house capability to manufacture the required components ourselves.

Wallace Fire Protection Ltd apply 5 key considerations when designing and installing industrial fire partitions. For more info, call us on 01908 109045