4 Secondary Effects Fire Can Have on Your Business

The very thought of a fire in a business setting is terrifying. Our imagination goes to the evacuation of employees, or the loud arrival of the fire service as flames show through the windows. This, alongside damage to the building and business content, is the immediate impact a fire can have. Devastating as it may be, however, it represents the beginning and not the end of a fire’s consequences.

As fire protection specialists, Wallace goal is to mitigate effectively against a whole range of risks to business. Our job is to ensure that fire protection materials contain the fire, provide safe evacuation, and safeguard the future of the building and the business. In this blog we look at 4 secondary effects fire can have on your business, if fire protection mitigation has not taken place.

1. Smoke Inhalation

Most fire deaths are not caused by flames, or heat, but by smoke inhalation. Even if it proves not to be fatal, inhaling smoke can cause lasting damage to your throat, or your respiratory system. Firestopping is an effective way of avoiding ongoing health problems linked to smoke inhalation. This involves sealing up gaps in walls created to let pipework or cables through. The smoke is contained, and the risk mitigated.

2. Problems With Insurance

A business claiming insurance on a fire that could have been mitigated by fire prevention materials is likely to have their claim rebuffed. All businesses have a responsibility to ensure fire safety on their business premises, no matter the size or whether they have shared occupancy. Wallace creates fire protection solutions that guarantee a safe evacuation for employees over a specified period of time.

3. Loss of Revenue

Fire remains the most common cause of business interruption and the subsequent loss of revenue could cost you your company. The side-effect of a fire could leave you unable to contact your customers, complete scheduled work, or maintain your market share. All of which drain revenue and damage your reputation. A fire protection solution will, by contrast, design for continuity in the event of fire. This is achieved by containing the damage in a localised area, with the aim of leaving the rest of the business largely operational.

4. Brand Damage

A company that doesn’t invest in the safety of its employees and business effects is likely to lose customers as a consequence. Businesses are required to regularly assess the safety of their premises in the event of fire. This would include the presence of active fire protection: extinguishers, signage, sprinklers. Equally important, though, is passive fire protection in the form of: fire walls, firestopping, intumescent coating.

About Wallace Fire Protection Ltd

Dunbar Wallace is a specialist fire protection contractor. We provide innovative, high quality solutions to a range of businesses, including utilities, power generation and the construction industry. Our fire protection engineers design bespoke solutions, utilising fire barriers, blast resistant panels, intumescent paint and firestopping materials. We are a licensed and approved installer of Promat DURASTEEL®.

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